Prospective franchisees must be dedicated and keen to help us serve more countries.  Dermatoglyphics is a powerful educational tool which has great potential in improving the operation of many educational institutions.  

Education is at the core of our business and ideally we seek people who already have experience within this field, and who fully understand the vital role these tests could fill.  Currently classes are tailored to intelligence, however we believe understanding students' learning styles can help improve the education of many struggling students.

As well as scanning we also work closely with partners to both improve results, and better understand this tool's usefulness in special education situations.  This can be especially important as sometimes communication with the student can be difficult.

The relationship between fingerprints and many common conditions has been explored by several scientists.  Below is one
study you can read which shows its correlation with many common genetic traits.

Simon Holland,
Jul 4, 2012, 10:20 PM