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College & University Students

Arguably the most important cross roads in life is higher eduction.  For the first time we have the opportunity to make a positive choice about the direction our life is heading.  Normally this as an uncomfortable period as both parents and student alike will have strong opinions on what to do.

As well as guiding students toward a course which would bring them both emotional and financial rewards.  We can also help students and parents understand and communicate each others concerns and dreams.

Our courses can help students with the following problems:
  • What course might suite me most?
  • What is the best learning style to help my study?
  • After I graduate, what careers are suitable for me?
We can also help parents:
  • See yourself through your child's eyes - How does our teen actually view us? We have a fun and revealing journey, looking at ourselves through their eyes.
  • How to talk and act, so that they will listen - Some teens are rebellious others won't talk to us. We will explore various strategies that enable us to connect with our young adults. 
  • Effective discipline - How to implement effective discipline that is sustainable. 

Entering higher education is an important step for a student helping them to become more independent and self-sufficient.  At this stage more than ever students both need support, but also the space to make the right decision for them.

This course is invaluable in helping families work through the difficult transition between adolescence and adulthood.

For more information : info@TheSmarterWayToLearn.Com