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Human Resources

Corporate Training & Recruitment

Human resource management is the cornerstone of any successful modern business.  The more we invest in people, the more we need to understand how to make the most of them.

There are several major concerns that modern companies face :
    • Finding the right talent
    • Developing existing talent
    • Retaining talent
    • Using talent effectively
Finding the right talent involves fully understanding not just an applicants CV and skills, but also how does this individual think.  How will they operate within my team, and what will motivate this person to work hard for me.

Developing existing talent helps improve people who you already understand, however different people respond differently to specific types of training and situations differently.  A training problem which works great for one person may utterly fail with others.  

We help you both understand why, and also tailor training to individuals and groups to help increase absorption and effectiveness.

Retaining talent requires understanding your staff and their motivation.  Loosing employee's costs time and money in finding replacements, but also in retraining and getting staff to work effectively with new recruits.  

When employees look for work they no longer look for just wages, but also job satisfaction, training schemes and other personal development opportunities.  Employees are taking a more long term approach to career development and companies need to understand the motivation of workers if they want to keep them.

Using talent effectively is about understanding how your employee's work so that when you have specific roles in mind you know who would make the most of the opportunity.  

Group work especially requires getting the right balance of different talents together to ensure they are both inventive and productive.  We can help you build groups to meet specific challenges.

"Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors... Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory."
- Andrew Carnagie